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We turn every destination into a home


Pre-Move Trips

The first impression

For candidates or employees considering a move, a pre-move trip can reduce relocation anxiety and smooth acceptance of a new position.

Area Tours

A local perspective

Personal Hosts are local residents who can provide inside knowledge about amenities, resources, and culture.

Schools Research

A key factor for those with kids

Even before the employee moves, their Personal Host can start the school search process, a vital part of narrowing down the choice of neighborhoods!

Home Finding

Finding the Right Neighborhood

An important first step

Based on interviews with the employee, the Personal Host provides custom information based on research and personal experience.

Finding the Right Home

Our top priority

Because we are not real estate agents and accept no commissions, we are unbiased. Our only agenda is to get your employee into the best home for them.

Lease Negotiation

Providing peace of mind

Relocity Hosts are highly trained to provide guidance in the intricacies of local rental laws and the lease negotiation process.

Settling In

Finding the Right Schools

Registration, Applications, Tours

By now, the Personal Host has already researched schools as part of the neighborhood search. Now it’s time to assist with applications, visits, and narrowing down options.

Home Furnishing

Feeling more at home

Our Hosts connect newcomers with decorators and furniture stores, many that provide discounts to Relocity customers!

Vehicles & Transportation

Purchasing, leasing, & public transportation

No matter how your employee intends to get around, we’ll put the process into drive.

Utilities Setup

Let us deal with the connection headaches

The Host can make the arrangements and be on-site for appointments so your employee can attend to more important matters.

Legal and Financial Services

Banking, insurance & government

Personal Hosts will identify local resources for the employee's review.

Doctors & Healthcare

Referrals and guidance

Personal Hosts will consult with employees to locate doctors available within their company-supplied health plans.

Pet Care

A pet is a family member

First, Relocity helps find a home that is pet-friendly, then we assist with finding sitters, groomers, dog parks and more.

Domestic Services

Childcare, eldercare, home & garden

Relocity provides information and resources to take care of the employee’s home and family so they can relax and focus on their work.

International Clients

Driver's License and Registration

Avoiding DMV distress

Our Hosts provide up-to-date information about locations, tips, and what to bring. They can also accompany visits if desired.

Social Security Cards

We help deal with the bureaucracy

Personal Hosts provide forms, advice and information about required documentation and the best local locations.

Banking & Credit Cards

No need is more basic

We help connect employees with the right institutions, including some that offer accounts and credit cards with no social security number or credit history required.

Cell Service and Internet

Getting connected

We help clients choose a service and plan that offers good coverage at a reasonable price, especially when calling their country of origin.


Home, health & auto

Personal Hosts offer guidance in the principles of insurance such as premiums, deductibles, minimum coverage, etc. We also recommend the best options depending on need and availability.


Health & Fitness

Fitness centers, classes, resources & organizations

Keeping fit is key to both physical and mental health. We can help employees find the resources they need to stay active and productive.

Cultural Activities

Getting creative

Exploring passions and interests is a great way to feel connected to your community.

Outdoor Activities

Exploring the natural surroundings

Everyone needs to get outside once in awhile. Our Hosts connect clients with opportunities to explore local natural resources.

Social Activities

Put yourself out there

We connect newcomers with things to do based on their preferences and personalities.

At Origin

Departure Services

Home staging, deposit returns, final walk-throughs, key returns

Our Hosts in the departure city can assist with the distracting tasks that slow down a move.


“Philip was great and I feel less stressed about the move, knowing that he will be helping me. Thank you for an outstanding service!” - Client

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