Imagine you’re on a small airplane soaring 10,000 feet above the ground below. One by one skydivers leap from the airplane. Your nerves are rattled. You’re not sure you can do this. And ultimately, you decide it would be better if you returned home. This situation is an apt metaphor for relocation reluctance.

Relocating is scary. There are so many considerations. Will I like my new home or my new neighborhood? Will my family be happy? Will I make new friends? Will I find goods/services on par with what I’ve grown accustomed to? Anxiety leads to indecision. Indecision leads to staying put on the plane.

Relocation reluctance is a factor in over 60% of relocations. If you are a business owner or recruiter, overcoming this anxiety is going to be a major concern when attracting and retaining valuable employees.

Relocity has a solution for relocation reluctance, and that is the Personal Host. Think of the Personal Host as your very own Personal Parachute. When you finally take a leap into the unknown, the Host is there to guide you smoothly toward your destination.

Personal Hosts are trained professionals who specialize in organizing and optimizing your transition. They listen to your concerns and address your needs one by one. Imagine trying to find a new home and having to make a choice relying only on pictures. A Personal Host will physically go to each potential home and conduct a video tour, walking you through every last detail of the home that is of particular interest to you, providing you with insight and peace of mind.

Imagine having to choose a school for your children when you have never visited the school before and know nothing about it. A Personal Host will provide detailed research on the school and even visit the grounds and talk to the administrators on your behalf.

The Personal Host can assist with identifying doctors, dentists, day care, after-school care, music lessons, language lessons, nannies, babysitters, housekeepers, gardeners, contractors, beauticians, trainers, yoga teachers, religious communities and so much more. Go ahead and jump. We’ve got you covered.