If you are new to Ireland, you may be confused when someone walks up to you and asks “What’s the craic”? (pronounced “crack”).

No, they are not asking for drugs.

To the Irish, craic is a term for news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation. It’s how a Dubliner or Corkonian is likely to pass the time with their friends.

Fun and spending time with friends is so important to the Irish that the expression “What’s the craic” has essentially come to mean “How are you?” or “What’s happening?”. Not all Irish are familiar with the term, however. Check out this fun video from Ryanair of Irish locals attempting to define it.

But make sure you use the word properly! To get you quickly up to speed with the locals, here is some cool ‘craic’ lingo:

  • Good craic: An ok time, fun but nothing too amazing.
  • Mighty craic: Better than good craic, a great time was had.
  • Savage craic: Great time all together and everyone on top form.
  • Deadly craic: A step above savage - a super great time.
  • The craic was 90: An amazing time had by all.
  • Minus or Zero craic: Essentially boring, not much fun.
Irish pub

To some, craic is no joke. In a 2001 review of the modern Irish information economy, professor Eileen M. Trauth called craic “an intrinsic part of the culture of sociability that distinguishes the Irish workplace from those of other countries.” She further points out that good craic and a social life are “a fundamental part of workers' judgment of quality of life.” Sounds like serious business! Woe be to the newcomer who has not found good craic - or the business that neglects it for their people!

Luckily, for people relocating to Ireland, we’ve got you covered. This is how we are different from other destination services providers. We care about our clients’ social lives and “quality of life”. We want to make sure that every client fits in with their new community.

That’s why lifestyle services are a key part of our offerings. Whether it’s taking a class, signing up with an arts organization, playing a sport, or just finding a pub or restaurant where they feel comfortable, employees need opportunities to broaden their horizons and make connections.

Especially in Ireland (where Relocity serves Dublin and Cork), we work to make sure our all our clients’ craic is 90 and beyond!