In the three years working with Relocity, I have been continuously impressed with the ‘Personal Hosts’, the Relocity term for a destination consultant – though our hosts are so much more. These men and women will always go above and beyond to eliminate stress for the transferee while setting them up to be happy and comfortable in their new life. Here is a sample of the work accomplished for ONE SINGLE transferee and their family (husband and two daughters) over the course of a 6-week period.

  • After the initial consultation, Host immediately began researching rental homes that fit the transferee's specific criteria – a 4 bedroom with a pool, near good schools, but not too far from work that will accommodate 2 large dogs…on a budget!
  • Provided video tours of applicable houses
  • Arranged a pre-move trip for the family who flew in from across the country
  • Successfully secured a lease for their ideal home
  • Provided research on grocery stores, pet supplies, dry cleaners, stylists, swim lessons for kids – things no regular relocation consultant would ever do!
  • Researched and secured surf lessons for the entire family - really!
  • Measured the home for furniture, then went furniture shopping with the transferee utilizing Relocity’s retail license. Helped them purchase living room, dining room and master bedroom furniture at a discount.
  • Met Internet provider at home for set-up.
  • Met furniture delivery people at home for delivery.

How much do you think all of this cost? Would you be surprised if I told you it was less than $4,000 dollars? Well, it’s true. This was a 40-hour relocation ($99/hour). Working with the transferee, the Personal Host put together a game plan for accomplishing all of their specific objectives within the time constraints permitted. All of the Host’s actions were done in collaboration with the transferee. This was no boilerplate relocation. It was completely customized. Why settle for a typical destination consultant when you can have your own Personal Host instead – someone who manages every aspect of settling in, while also making sure all your personal needs are met? This is the kind of service you get with Relocity. Nothing else even comes close!