Recently, Relocity's CEO Klaus Siegmann was interviewed on The Price of Business with Kevin Price, part of the Bloomberg Business Network. It's a great introduction to Relocity, with Klaus speaking in his own words about how he got the idea for the business, and where he wants to take the company in the future. Hear about Klaus' personal experience coming from Germany, and how he turned his own need into a terrific service for others.

Click here to listen to the interview!

Klaus was interviewed by William Edmundson, who did a terrific job sitting in for Kevin Price, the host of the show. This episode was a series of interviews with business innovators and entrepreneurs, including our own founder, Klaus. William was clearly impressed with the idea of Relocity and saw the need for our services in the marketplace. He even said, "If I ever move again, I hope you're available in the city that I'm moving too!"