One of the best perks of living in Los Angeles is the easy access to natural beauty and dramatic changes of scenery. For those who love alpine forests, snow-capped mountains and crisp air, the local San Gabriel Mountains are a perfect LA getaway.

Just last weekend, I was visiting a friend in La Canada/Flintridge, which is about a 30 minute drive from my apartment in West Hollywood. After our visit, I was heading home at around noon when I passed the entrance to the Angeles Crest Highway, which begins in this community just north of Pasadena.

On a whim, I thought, "I'm right here...why not just take a detour up into the mountains for a few minutes?" No planning -- it was just a spur of the moment whim.

Of course, once the road began to rise into the foothills, my short jaunt quickly became a longer outing, as I was tempted by the majestic views and natural beauty. Like any mountain climber, I had to get to the top, just because it is there!

The remarkable thing, however, is that in less than an hour, I was at the top of Mount Wilson where the temperature was close to freezing and there was snow and ice on the road! When I began my drive, the temperature had been in the 70's, down below in La Canada.

But more importantly, instead of LA's desert scenery of palm trees and scrub brush, I was looking at towering Sequoia trees, craggy cliffs and rolling alpine valleys beneath the white-topped Mount Baldy in the distance.

I didn't dawdle -- the whole excursion was over in a couple of hours. But in the time it would have taken to see a movie, I had given myself a dramatic LA getaway and the thrill of visiting another world for awhile.

Here are some photos I took with my iPhone (I didn't plan ahead or I would have taken my fancy Nikon).

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By Matthew Hutchison

Matthew Hutchison is Manager of Business Development at Relocity