What could be more quintessentially Californian than yoga at the beach? You can find your mental and spiritual health each Saturday morning at the beach in Marina del Rey, and better yet, it's free! Free yoga at the beach has been a community event in this beachfront neighborhood since 1996 and is supported by donations. The group of regular participants is diverse and includes people ranging from their 20's to their 70's. It is taught by Bunok Kravitz, also known as The Yoga Bunny, who stepped in after the previous instructor died in 2009. Classes are every Saturday at 9:30 am in the summer and at 10:00 am in the winter. Free Beach Yoga “I was honored to carry on this legacy and... keep the class alive,” says Kravitz. The class attracts an eclectic group of people with diverse abilities from all over the world. In any given week, about 50 students attend. Free Beach Yoga “The people that have attended the class over the years have come and gone,” said Penny Akashi, who has been taking the class for over 16 years, “but the constant has been the like-mindedness of the group and the wonderful growing community that has been created.” Kravitz's motivation for providing the classes for free embodies the spirit of yoga practice as well. “My goal is to ultimately offer free classes everywhere I go so that those who may not have the means … [still] have access to a yoga and meditation practice under the guidance of an instructor,” she says. Why? “Why? Because that’s what my heart tells me to do." Free Beach Yoga