Meet Kelsi

City: Los Angeles

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Science

Has worked with for top leaders across the entertainment, hospitality, and nightlife industries.

Kelsi brought her Midwest charm and values from her small town in Michigan to Los Angeles. By her junior year in University at Miami of Ohio, she was offered a public relations internship in Los Angeles, which became a permanent job upon graduation. Since then, this golden ticket to the best coast has provided Kelsi years of valuable experience and an endless love for the magic this city has to offer.

She has worked for top leaders across the entertainment industry, the luxury hospitality and nightlife industries (including companies such as SBE), topped off with experience working with health and wellness leaders in the city.

Her experience has crafted her into someone who knows the in’s and out’s of the city, from having to find her way firsthand, building her own fulfilled life, to help others who don’t have enough hours in the day.

She has lived in London studying Shakespeare and traveled Europe solo, so she can relate to the adventure of building a life you love somewhere new.

Whether it’s sharing the best wine and food secrets in LA, or providing guidance to the best yoga classes and farmer’s markets, Kelsi can help you tailor your choices to make LA your ideal home.


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