Meet Grace

City: Mountain View

Education: PhD in Genetics

International and domestic traveler with deep knowledge of education

Over six years ago, Grace made the biggest move of her life. She left her home in Kenya for South Carolina, so that she could pursue a PhD in Genetics at Clemson University. Two years ago, another opportunity arose for her to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University in the Bay Area. Grace took advantage of the opportunity and never looked back, finding that the San Francisco Bay Area resonated with her love of nature, cultural diversity, international cuisines, and intellectual stimulation.

As someone who has moved both internationally and domestically within the US, Grace easily identifies with individuals and families seeking to move into the San Francisco Bay Area. This enables her to intuit their needs, whether they be housing, schools, childcare, eldercare, or commuting issues, all within the parameters of each individual’s budget.

Thanks to her involvement in local academia with students from Stanford University, UC Berkeley and neighboring institutions, Grace has a deep understanding of the ideal institutions to attend per grade level. Grace also enjoys helping her clients create connections to satisfy professional, social, and cultural alignment.

All of these experiences have added perspective and color to Grace’s knowledge of the Bay Area, knowledge that she is eager to share with you, so that you can navigate and enjoy your journey free from any associated stress.


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