Meet Galit

City: Los Angeles

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Communication

Creative mind who enjoys food and healthy living

Galit has a passion for connecting people to experiences and places that will have them live life to the fullest. After graduating with a B.A. in communication from the University of Southern California, Galit chose to officially move from her native town of New York City and relocate to sunny Los Angeles where she pursued a career in dance and choreography.

After getting to travel internationally and managing various projects as a creative, Galit chose to ultimately set her roots in one place, where she began her journey as a podcast host, interviewing dancers and choreographers around their success stories and experience in moving locations to pursue their dreams. Between the dance world, podcast world, and New Yorkers moving to LA-world, Galit became the go-to person in her various communities for people moving to LA with its ideal weather, the varied landscape, and diversity in cultural experiences, Galit is a cheerleader for this magical city and loves bringing her skill set to Relocity.

She enjoys foodie adventures, a great glass of wine, cooking, healthy living, and hopping between the different neighborhoods in LA to experience what each has to offer.


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