The First Friend in a New City

A Relocity “Personal Host” is your valued employee’s new best friend in a new city, ready to guide them through the challenges and excitement of finding a place to live and making that place feel like home.

Our unique approach combines the best of technology with the human touch to provide a customized, convenient, and stress-free relocation experience.

Our Personal Hosts

Each Personal Host is a local expert in their city. They are employees (not contractors) who are intensively trained in the Relocity method to provide the highest quality service.

A Fully Custom Experience

Personal Hosts go out of their way to really get to know their clients. This allows them to provide customized services to meet each individual need. Curated maps and other information are provided conveniently right in the Relocity app.

Flexible & On-Demand

With Relocity, employees are free to book appointments on-demand, including evenings and weekends. Bookings may be in increments as small as one hour, and may be spread over weeks or even months!

Better Data & Tracking

Our clients love the ability to log into their portals and track the progress of each employee, including summaries of each session and number of hours used, as well as overall totals broken down by category.

A Whole-Life Approach

First, we make sure your employee is settled into the right home. But we go far beyond the basics with services that connect them with their community, enhance their lifestyle, and make them feel fully at home!

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Compliments to Our Hosts

“Simone was a pleasure to speak with! It was so helpful to chat about our transition to LA and the ways Relocity will be able to assist us. Thank you!” - Client